A Garanzia AIAB Italia organic product is tastier and safer because …

… follows a specification with stricter rules than those present in the current European regulation in organic farming is …

100% Italian: only Italian organic agricultural and zootechnical raw materials are used, with the exception of some products that cannot be cultivated on the national territory (such as cocoa and coffee). The ingredients of foreign origin are allowed in a maximum percentage of 35% of the total ingredients of agricultural origin and must come from certified fair trade and be GMO free. 

From 100% organic farms The producing farms must comply with the  organic farming products mandatory legislation of over the entire farm area and for each animal reared.

100% GMO free at all levels of the production process.

Animal feed is 100% organic.

Compliance with the Garanzia AIAB Italia specification is ensured by dedicated checks carried out by organic farming technical inspectors.  

Farmers who adhere to the brand undertake to follow the general principles of the Garanzia AIAB Italia 

Ensuring Sustainability

through multifunctionality and respect for the environment and all forms of life contained therein.

Ensuring traceability

to always ensure high quality, safety and respect for seasonality within the production chain.

Guaranteeing ethics

towards all workers involved in the production process.

Ensuring continuous improvement

as a reality of excellence.


the correct use of natural resources by promoting the use of renewable energies.


the natural fertility of the soil.


and promoting biodiversity.


raised animals living conditions that meet their needs.

Contact person: Fabio Ferraldeschi. Direct contact: +39 348 805 9332